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Welcome to Family Health News. Our site promotes the power of oxygen, oxygen therapy, oxygen supplements and supportive protocols and supplements. We offer some of the most unique products in the “natural health” and “alternative medicine” worlds as well as in-depth, informative articles on a broad range of complementary and holistic medicine topics.

Vital Oxygen is not an Alternative Medicine
Vital Oxygen, as it is often referred, is our body’s most critical requirement for survival. Food, water and other essential requirements all have extended windows of time for replenishment when compared to the few short minutes we can live without oxygen. In an environment of ever decreasing oxygen content and quality, oxygen therapy and oxygen supplements have never been more crucial in the pursuit of optimal health.

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Family Health News has been on the forefront of Oxygen Therapy, Oxygen Supplements and Oxygen Products for 17 years. We are likely the oldest website and store related to oxygen supplements and the alternative health field.

Family Health News promots oxygen, oxygen therapy and supplements.
Family Health News is headquarters for health concious individuals worldwide.

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If you are seeking information or products concerning liquid stabilized oxygen, colloidal silver; colloidal trace minerals, colon cleansing and numerous other alternative medicine regimes and products, Family Health News is your most ardent and highest quality source.

Family Health News is your information center...
Since 1990 Family Health News has been headquarters for health conscious individuals worldwide. We provide informative articles on important health topics to doctors and lay people alike in a thorough, well written, understandable way. In addition to keeping abreast of developments in the alternative health field we also provide quality supplements to our discerning customers which include physicians, clinics, practitioners, spas, health food stores and individuals..

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