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"Mr. Oxygen" is Ed McCabe, internationally acclaimed speaker, investigative journalist, expert, and author of books, tapes and videos since the best selling book "Oxygen Therapies." Nothing herein is medical advice, but merely an international public discussion of the oxygen therapy centered events, products, and methods being used worldwide.


It's so simple it befuddles the great minds. Unlike healthy human cells that love oxygen, the disease causing viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites - including HIV and others - are like most primitive lower life forms. They are almost all anaerobic.

That means these microbes cannot live in oxygen. Therefore, what would happen to these anaerobic viruses and bacteria if they were to be completely surrounded with a very energetic form of pure oxygen for a long time?

What if enough of this special form of oxygen/ozone was to be slowly and harmlessly introduced into the body daily, over the course of a few months, by bypassing the lungs, and yet eventually saturating all the bodily fluids and every cell with it? The disease causing microbes that can't live in oxygen would cease to exist.

All 30 or so oxygen therapies, including ozone, work because they flood the body with Nature's single oxygen atoms. Singlet oxygen and its by-products are very energetic oxidizers - they "burn up" waste products, pollution, and microbes which can't protect themselves because they are either inert, or lower life forms.

Normal body cells protect themselves from the oxidizing effects of oxygen by naturally producing their own protective antioxidant coatings.

We are 66% water. Most European and many American cities purify their municipal drinking water by bubbling ozone through it to kill all the bacteria and viruses, etc. See Inactivation Kinetics of Viruses and Bacteria by use of Ozone, by E. Katzenelson, et. al., American Water Works Society, 1974.

Most bottled water in the U.S. goes through the same ozone purification methods. Since your body is two-thirds water (we are internally permeated with fluids), the same purification principals would directly apply to us. Ozone is simply infused into your personal body liquids to sterilize and purify them.

This method has been successfully applied to the human body by knowledgeable doctors treating diseased persons for over 100 years. It's simple. Our natural intake of oxygen from food, air, & water is the way Nature intended us to keep healthy and clean by oxidizing away the microbes and toxins.

Unfortunately, due to human ego and greed, mankind has polluted the eco-system, cut down the rainforests, and ruined the oceans. This is where the oxygen all comes from. So because we are all oxygen deficient, our bodies can no longer take out (oxidize) the trash. Even the ozone layer above us that protects us from ultraviolet rays is born when the rainforests make the oxygen that eventually turns into ozone.
I have witnessed hundreds of AIDS and other patients receiving ozone infusion therapy. When they start out their blood is filthy, diseased, and so empty of oxygen that it is almost black in color.

Keep putting the ozone into them for a while, and the blood turns back to a bright cherry red color, full of life giving oxygen and clean. Human ego is presently preventing us from exploring ozone's use in US medicine without great difficulty. For example, In New York City it is illegal to say any therapy helps AIDS.

This law has been used as an excuse to shut down experimental ozone clinical trials in progress before they could produce the documentation. There is plenty of documentation already around in major journals. See Ed McCabe's "O3 vs. AIDS" for proof.

50+ years of Ozone application methods

IV slow injections of the O3 gas - no air, just pure oxygen forms.
Autohemotherapy - withdrawing 600 ml of blood and re-infusing it after putting ozone into it.

Ozone bagging - every body part except the head in a bag full of O3 for up to two hours.

Ozone rectal insufflation - average 1 1/2 liters of 27mcg/ml O3 gas into colon.
Ozone vaginal insufflation - average 5 minutes of insufflating body cavity.
Ozone ear insufflation - average 5 minutes of letting O3 fall into ear cavities.
Ozone air purification - low levels of ozone steralize and rejuvinate the room air.
Ozone charged drinking water - must be imbibed immediately while O3 still in glass.
There are over 3,000 medical references in the German literature showing ozone's use in over 50 years of application to humans by way of millions of dosages.

The International Ozone Association and the machine manufacturers report over 7,000 M.D.'s in Europe using medical ozone safely and effectively, some for more than 40 years, yet for the past 5 years, the FDA has prevented formal human testing or any ozone generating device approvals.

I have seen people sero-convert to HIV negative, and even more importantly, lose all secondary infections from being on ozone. BUT they stuck to a full protocol - getting it daily, IV, the right dosage, and the right concentrations, and combining it with other significant modalities.

People who have never tried it, or only just "dabbled" in it, end up being the only nay sayers. Those that use it continue to come back for more because they live the benefits within their own bodies.

Q). From Sweden: "What is the difference between using solid ozone products (Homozon) and the use of the ozone gas? Why don't sufferers of degenerative disease use it when they can't readily get the ozone gas treatments?"

Homozon is a powdered form of pharmaceutical (not industrial or commercial) magnesium, mined from a specific site known for its desirable chemical properties, which is bonded with ozone gas through a secret proprietary process. Homozon is completely legal for sale and consumption in the U.S.

It has been in wide usage since the 1920's when Dr. F.M. Eugene Blass got together with Nikola Tesla in a Paris hotel and developed its method of manufacture. The white powdered magnesium/ozone compound is sprinkled on food or imbibed with water, and followed by 1/2 the juice of a lemon whose acid liberates the ozone from the magnesium bond, and the ozone circulates throughout the body detoxifying and eliminating anaerobes.

The oxygen and magnesium then thoroughly clean the bowel eventually. Homozon is the only product I know of that liberates liters of oxygen per can. Still, having made that point, any colon cleansing is going to increase oxygen availability to the tissue through making "room" by removing cellular blockages.

If one would attend the yearly International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation's meetings as I do, you would see Dr. Freibott's historical slide show showing simply amazing cancer cures and disease remissions through the proper application of Homozon over the past 60 plus years. We heard only one anecdotal report of someone with AIDS getting well using only Homozon, so more data needs to be collected concerning that disease.

So, has anyone ever done a study comparing the two? Not that we know of. Has anyone combined the two? Not that we know of but it is a fantastic idea! Can a degenerative disease patient get by on just using Homozon? The evidence presented of people using it perhaps up to once every two hours for weeks at a time and continually being aware of where the nearest toilet is shows definite promise. If you do your own study let us know what happens.

Q. 2 "What's all this stuff about people testing negative for HIV yet still getting AIDS?"

I found out they only test for HIV-1! Our research shows up to 9 other forms of HIV are out there being spread throughout the population and the bloodbanks. Most people with AIDS have 3 to 5 different forms of the HIV virus in them.
You have seen nothing in comparison to the mass suffering that humanity is going to go through soon with these new mutant diseases. I was the first one to publicly proclaim this and to offer the solution back as far as 1988. Tell everyone you meet. See the chronology additions below for details.

Q. 3 "What's the latest events to make the chronology?"

1993 November issue of "Vogue" magazine, pages 96-97, shows off beautiful two page ad for Lancasters' "Vital Oxygen Supply" Asymmetric Oxygen Carrier System skin therapy. "By the time you are 30 your body skin has 25% less oxygen in it, ...fine lines and wrinkles appear. ...Combat with revolutionary new technology ... pure oxygen molecules suspended in a light delicate cream that transports them deep into the epidermis."

1993 Nov 11, "Vaccine Failures" Headline "USA Today" newspaper. Dr. Anthony Faucci head of AIDS research at the National Institute of Health told Reuters that recent disappointing laboratory tests of AIDS vaccines had made him anxious about proceeding with large scale human trials.

1994 Jan 20th Medical Tribune - Research News - Headline: "Oxygen plus ozone mixture can inactivate HIV in vitro" article by Nathan Horowitz describes upcoming Medizone Phase 1 clinical trials at several research sites in Italy. 300 patients with HIV infection or hepatitis-B will be randomized to treated or control groups and studied during three months of dosing and nine months of follow up. For 12 weeks 300 cc's of blood will be withdrawn and ozonated and returned to the patient every other day.

"Dr Latino's preliminary data are very interesting," said Mark Cohen, Ph.D., a professor of medicine at Louisiana State University School of Medicine in Shreveport. "His studies show that ozone really is capable of killing HIV."

1994 Feb 16 U.S. Congressional Representative (NY) Sherwood Boehlert passes on the FDA's opinion of ozone therapy in a letter to Mr. Gerald O. Rennerts who had inquired six months previously as to why the U.S. Government and the FDA are preventing the ozone cure for AIDS from reaching the people of our country who so desperately need it.

The FDA wrote that "...ozone is a "new" drug not generally recognized by qualified experts as safe and effective for the recommended use." And, "The issue of availability of unproven agents is not a new one to our agency... To date, we are not aware of any clinical investigator satisfactorily addressing the pre-clinical safety issues inherent in the use of oxygen/ozone in humans.

The introduction of this agent into immunosuppressed AIDS patients without careful study of probable toxicities would place such patients at unreasonable and significant risk.

Mr. Rennerts calls the FDA's response "so scientifically pathetic... that it confirms the level of ignorance and arrogance that exists in the FDA." The FDA letter was authored by Diane E. Thompson, Associate FDA Commissioner for Legislative Affairs, Dept of Health and Human Services , Public Health Service, FDA, Rockville, MD 20857.
Comment: Let's look at the FDA words and their meanings:

"new drug" - New? Ozone has been widely used for over 60 years. Ozone has been used on millions of people, 5,000+ physicians are using it today in other countries as you read this. Ozone therapy is grandfathered as a pre-FDA U.S. medical treatment.
"qualified experts" - this means FDA and other people who have never seen ozone used, read a real study on it, or talked to any practitioner using it for 30 years. How can they possibly be expert?

"availability of unproven agents not new to the FDA." Let's see why this question of dealing with any of the pharmaceutical company's competition, so-called "unproven agents" is not new. Quoting Senator Edward Long's U.S. Senate hearings where Dr. Herbert Ley, FDA Commissioner testifies that the FDA "protects" the big drug companies and are subsequently rewarded, and using the government's police powers they attack those who threaten the big drug companies."

"not aware of ...addressing safety issues ...probable toxicities" - According to whom? Remember The German Medical Society in Europe in 1980? An estimated 350,000 people were treated with ozone between 1980 and 1985.

The University of Bonn reviewed these cases and reported virtually no side effects of ozone therapy when properly administered... 1980 May, The German Medical Society stated 384,775 patients were treated with ozone with a minimum of 5,579,238 applications and the side effect rate observed was only .000005 per application! The report also stated "The majority of adverse effects were caused by ignorance about ozone therapy (operator error)."

And what about Medizone's long ago submitted to the FDA Long Island College of Pharmacy rabbit study showing no toxicity at concentrations up to 10 times the dose proposed in man. Cornell University Veterinary College feline study showing no detectable toxic effects.

The Hematology Journal HIV inactivation study showing 100% inactivation and harmless to human blood components. Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York revealing hemolysis and coagulation changes well within normal limits.

And, the June 2, 1993 Medizone announcement of the successful completion of the first two phases of a Canadian simian (ape) research project overseen by scientists representing the Canadian Red Cross, Canadian Departments of Defense and Agriculture, Cornell University Veterinarian Medical College and Medizone Canada Ltd. where they proved "

These preliminary research results indicate the capability of Medizone's patented scientific and technological process to inactivate blood and blood products of certain viral contaminants, including the AIDS virus."

"unreasonable and significant risk" - Like when the FDA's favorite drug AZT, so poisonous it was pulled off the shelves as a cancer drug years ago, was paraded out to appease AIDS protesters and went on to kill how many people? Or like the unreasonable and significant risk of denying AIDS patients ozone therapy!
"not aware of any scientific data" ??? - This same FDA letter's very next paragraph admits they have in their possession a copy of this very publication "O3 vs. AIDS" you are now reading with the very same listing of all the scientific and medical journal, and clinical studies, and ozone using doctors, over the past 90+ years that they need to approve immediate human usage of safe and effective ozone therapy.

Instead of allowing harmless research which will prove ozone better than drug therapy, they hide behind asking for precious time wasting delay tactics like "studies" while more people get infected and die.

Amazingly they completely ignore all the bona fide scientific evidence in their hands and brazenly quote to the U.S. Congressman only one fraudulent "AIDS" medical article.

The preliminary Canadian study only gave 10cc's of ozone into a muscle, not I.V., and not enough to do any good, and not for a long enough time period. During the second half of the very short study the ozone machine had broken and wasn't producing any ozone, yet they ignored this fact when they wrote up the study!

The only other document they could produce in defense of their position was a disinformative and fraudulent American Cancer Society women's glamour magazine (yes they printed it) type fairy tale story wherein the ACS claimed to review all available literature and yet somehow find none of the evidence you are holding in your hands!

In the few studies the ACS did admit to finding, they brazenly claimed the studies showed exactly the opposite of the conclusions drawn by the very people who actually did the studies!

Question: How long are you going to put up with this criminal behavior in government with your life and the lives of your loved ones at stake?

1994 March 16th USA Today newspaper front page article "Medical Research Fighting Fraud" "Since June, 1992 more than 300 allegations of establishment medical research fraud have been reported to Federal Officials." The Lancet was quoted as saying "The system works against whistle-blowers."

1994 March Canadian Film "Ozone and the Politics of Medicine" wins "Best Documentary" at the Atlanta Film Festival. In the film, Captain Mike Shannon, M.D. Director of Medical Operations for the Canadian National Defence says:
"I was shocked to discover that people traveled to various clinics in Germany from virtually all over the world paying two and three thousand dollars cash on the table American for six ozone treatments - incredible!

We certainly demonstrated that ozone was capable of deactivating the virus, but to our surprise, right out at the absolute limits of concentration so ten to the power of six virus particles per cc, we still deactivated everything.

So very, very marked demonstration or profound demonstration of the potential as an anti-viral agent here, and of course we're dealing not with concentrations that are toxic to the human, but in fact, concentrations of ozone that have been used in Germany in clinics for the last 30 years with thousands of patients, without any evidence of any harm.

Inadvertently, we discovered that this particular type of therapy has an incredible effect, a very, very profound effect in terms of managing pain. I mean it had a potent analgesic effect.

And secondly, we were able to discover that blood that's ozonized actually triggers off the production of interlukin two, one of the immune regulators. So here we were sitting on a very simplistic technology that had promise of literally blowing the lid off of certainly North American Medicine, or North American pharmaceutics anyways.

1994 March 25, Dallas, Texas is the site of the IBOM International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation's 5th annual meeting. Phone 405/691-1452. MD's from all over the world highlighted their own work successfully using ozone and/or hydrogen peroxide and other oxidative compounds in medicine, and attending special educational workshops. Among the papers presented were:

"Spontaneity of Oxidation in Nature" Majid Ali, MD
"Ozone in Medicine" Frank Shallenberger MD
"Hydrogen Peroxide and Free Radicals" Charles H. Farr MD Ph.D.
"Complex Oxidative Compounds" George Freibott ND
"Experiences in the further Treatment of AIDS, Cancer and Chemical Toxicity/Hypersensitivity Using Bio-Oxidative and Nutritional Therapies" Robert Allen MBBS (Australia)

"The Cause of All Disease from a Wholistic Perspective" Ed McCabe
"Oxidative Therapy and the Answer to AIDS" Robert Willner MD, Ph.D
and many others.

1994 April 4th "Maury Povich" National TV Show tapes Ed McCabe, Dr. Robert Atkins (stopped from successfully using ozone), journalist Sue Ann Taylor (witnessed an ozone/AIDS clinic's results in the Philippines), Basil Wainwright, inventor (ozone political prisoner interviewed from his jail cell in Florida) and self treatment IV ozone using successful AIDS patient "Adam" for first ever 1 hour positive sounding national ozone TV show.

Entitled "Oxygen Saved My Life." Show airs all over the U.S. April 21st, 1994 to over 5.5 million people. Mr. McCabe and associates repeatedly stressed how ozone is successfully being used all over the world, there are thousands of doctors using it, but the FDA won't let human testing occur here, why not? That's what the audience wanted to know as well.

1994 April Before the above conversations with the CDC, their AIDS reference computerized National AIDS Information and Education Program - CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse databank had a synopsis of the story where Ed McCabe had testified before the NIH in 1992 about the effectiveness of ozone therapy.

Comment: The control of information is the consolidation of power. The high priests want to stay in power, and don't care if it kills you.

Ed McCabe has to date brought the ozone message of hope out to the people on over 1,075 TV, radio & talk shows and speaking appearances.

1994 May 2 Ed McCabe is interviewed on the famous "Ron & Ron" syndicated radio morning talk show for 1 and 1/2 hours. The "bad boys of morning talk radio" were extremely interested about the story of ozone being highly effective in the treatment of disease, yet not even being researched in the U.S. and in the fact that it is being actively suppressed.

Three days before Ed's interview, they had interviewed Basil Wainwright from his prison cell where he was still being held after 3 years on charges of saying ozone works as medicine. During Ed's show they got a first hand taste of the suppression when a caller who wouldn't identify himself called in and tried to discredit ozone by discrediting Basil Wainwright's checkered (from persecution) public record.

Q. 4"You were on the "Morey Povich" national TV show, what happened?

In essence, even though everyone who saw the show loved it and said we won, and we were seen by 5.5 million people while we showed them ozone, healed AIDS patients, and quoted references, and had the "Oxygen Therapies" book cover on the air, we wasted $2,000 of our already too tight finances to mount an 800 number phone bank.

We sold about 50 books from the show. Nothing happened. The network switchboard wouldn't give out our number, although the producers would if you could reach them.

Q. Is medical ozone therapy legal?

A. It is everyplace else, but it is still untested in the U.S. courts.
Mind you, the people I have interviewed who have been told that the disease they have will soon kill them don't care very much about any official pronouncements. If they are sure a therapy will work, they find a way and use it anyway.

It is a shame that in this day and age the U.S. health community lags so far behind their international colleagues. The following is my opinion, and not meant as legal advice. Medical ozone is legally used in clinics worldwide on a daily basis.

In Germany 644 therapists were surveyed and they reported 384,775 patients had received 5,579,238 ozone treatments. The side effect rate was only .0007%, incredibly far, far, lower than U.S. drug therapy wherein each year approximately 140,000 people die from prescription drugs.

I know doctors here who to this day have used it for over 40 years on a daily basis. Everyday natural substances like water, air, and nature's ozone are beyond the reach of governmental regulation which only deals with drugs, or machines that claim to cure something.

Unfortunately, regulatory agencies and other U.S. health professionals have been repeatedly lied to with the "ozone is worthless" gambit by agents of those who fund political campaigns and bogus studies to keep ozone out - because it will negatively impact their drug sales.

Well meaning FDA agents consequently erroneously think they are doing a good thing for sick people when they attack medical ozone. Politics mixed with medicine means expense and suffering.

For example, the FDA printed in the Federal Register that ozone is a "toxic gas with no known medical uses." Printing this statement is either a blatant attempt at suppression of truth from the highest levels, or one of the poorest research jobs ever done.

I suppose if I closed my eyes and ears to over 50 years of safe and effective medical use on hundreds of thousands of humans with thousands of medical references and clinical studies in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and the U.S., I would be able to claim ignorance about it too.

What all this means, is that in the U.S., ozone is ultimately legal, but practically speaking, you will be told it isn't, until someone with enough brains, nerve, and lots of money fights for it in the federal and state courts and wins. Ozone is in the middle of a political struggle for its very life.

Q. Should I drink Hydrogen Peroxide?

A. Far be it from me to ever tell anyone to do anything. We all have to make our own life choices after careful consideration of the facts. I do not want to violate your right of self determination.

Hydrogen peroxide is so natural that it is produced by every cell in your body (except for the lining of your blood vessels), and then your body has four enzymes in it specifically there to digest the peroxide it just made, liberating the singlet oxygens where they are needed to kill disease.

It is the first line of defense in your immune system, being manufactured by the lymphocytes to kill germs and viruses. But we can't make it without getting enough oxygen from our air, water, and food, and the earth is running out of unbound oxygen due to pollution and greedy slashing of the rainforests.

Over the past one hundred years many thousands of people have at one time or another tried drinking different forms of much purer and EXTREMELY DILUTE peroxide to cure what ails them. It is listed in the 1888 AMA journal as getting rid of "cancer of the womb, scarlet fever, and diphtheria."

It was written up in The Lancet, the British medical journal, by British doctors (Oliver, et al.) as eliminating rampant influenzal death in Indian Ghurkas. I have read a multitude of reports on it written over the past 100 years, and heard verbal testimony from thousands of users over the past 5 years. Hundreds of doctors in the US and Mexico have used it clinically on many thousands of patients over the past seven years.

It either worked great on hundreds of ailments, or at the very least didn't hurt anything - AS LONG AS THE EXACTING PROTOCOLS WERE FOLLOWED. The vast majority reported it really helped them.

When health professionals speak of hydrogen peroxide, or oxygen water, they are NOT speaking of the grocery/drugstore 3%! The common 3% has poisons like heavy metals, phenols, and quinones in it to preserve it, and it is approved for external use only. Commercially, the pure forms are getting harder and harder to buy, due to scarcity at the wholesaler levels, as manufacturers pull back on availability for mostly political reasons.

I have found that for my own personal use, the easiest, best tasting, and most convenient way I can imbibe it is in the form of products like Dr. Donsbach's SuperOxy Plus flavored mixtures.

Q. Can the tissue PO2 level be raised through bathing in water with hydrogen peroxide or ozone in it?

A. PO2 is the partial pressure of oxygen, a method of measuring of how much oxygen is in the body. The skin absorbs anything you put on it, or put it in, and every one of your cells is not only made to absorb oxygen, but must have it.

Think of the square feet of available surface contact area on your whole body, and how that directly links to your bloodstream which carries oxygen to all the inner organs and cells. I recently talked to some researchers, one was an MD, who were curious about this very question, so they did some experimenting.

They borrowed an oximeter (measures PO2) from the local hospital. Several volunteers got into an enclosure with ozonated water circulating all around their skin surfaces. The Oximeter showed a rise in the whole body tissue oxygen saturation of 300 to 400% in about one half hour, and the PO2 stayed up there for a few days! Water is important for carrying oxygen into and through the body. The volunteers felt wonderful.

There is a new inexpensive device that just emerged in the marketplace, the "Cleanbath" bath and spa water ozonator and purifier. It is quite a breakthrough in oxygenated bathing.

The Cleanbath saturates bath and/or spa water with ozone, and removes any impurities that could be absorbed into your skin. Everyone knows ozone can do that, but here's the breakthrough: In the confined spaces of a bathroom ozone might concentrate to the point where it could irritate the mucous membranes of some people. This device does not allow this to happen.

Although the water is saturated with ozone, the ozone is prevented from escaping the water. All the advantages, and none of the disadvantages. The Cleanbath ozone generator head section is detachable, and makes a nice little inexpensive ozone source for other applications as well, like kitchen drinking water purification.
Q.  "What's the latest events to make the chronology?"

1993 May 27 Rep. Schumer D-NY chairs the House Subcommittee On Crime And Criminal Justice, oversight hearing on health care fraud: "AIDS Fraud - Deceit, Dollars and Despair." Subcommittee hears testimony from AIDS patient Randy Payne that he got ozone therapy and it didn't work.

It is not pointed out that he got a minor/inadequate incorrectly applied (caused pain) form of therapy, that he left the study long before it could have any effects, or that he got treated for free.

WARNING! They also heard from Tom Koontz, the Executive Director for the Manhattan Center For Living who, like Randy and all the others at the hearing, didn't know the first thing about the 50 year history of medical ozone or the thousands of case histories and references available.

They all therefore assumed it was a "scam" run by "charlatans," and Rep. Schumer even called for enacting legislation: to make the use or promotion of ozone a fraud "felony" with 25 year prison sentences, "streamlining" prosecutions, "unleashing" our law enforcement officials, and "hunting down" the "health care crooks who stalk our citizens."

An FDA official actually stood up, held up an ozone generator, lied through his teeth, and told the congressmen -and the American people via rebroadcast on CNN and NBC - that there is absolutely no proof anywhere that ozone has any benefit in medicine!

Comment: Why didn't they interview the two girls who went the same time as Randy but stayed for the full treatment course and tested HIV negative upon return? Of all the positive evidence around, why did they solely focus upon one "bad apple" case? Before the hearing started, I faxed 11 pages of medical documentation - including the Blood Journal and Canadian Government's positive ozone studies directly to the committee heads!

None of this was mentioned. Also, despite having discussions and leaving several messages with them, no one called back seeking any further information. What's the real agenda? Perhaps they don't want to be bothered with the truth if it upsets the political PAC money flow from the medical and pharmaceutical companies?

1993 Summer Biosphere 2, Tucson, AZ gets an oxygen infusion. Billed as a self-sustaining eco-system, its atmospheric oxygen level had dropped to 15%, same as on a 13,400 foot mountain. The eight crew members have been short of breath.
1993 June U.S. Supreme Court rules that all the illegal immigrant HIV infected Haitians detained in the military concentration camps in Cuba must be immediately released into the U.S. population at large.

1993 June 2, 1993 Headline: Medizone's Blood Decontamination Technology Proven Successful In Canadian Monkey Trial. Still trying to inch their way through the system, Medizone announces its successful trials on monkeys.

This was one of the requirements imposed last August when McCabe/Bedell/Latino et. al. met with Dr. Fauci at the NIH. Dr. Fauci said "Why can't you do a simple monkey trial?" So Medizone did, and now they are announcing the successful completion of the first two phases of a Canadian research project overseen by scientists representing the Canadian Red Cross, Canadian Departments of Defense and Agriculture, Cornell University Veterinarian Medical College and Medizone Canada Ltd.

Two groups of monkeys were infused with plasma infected with highly virulent strains of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (monkey equivalent of HIV). The first group died within 12 days. The second group's infected plasma was first infused with ozone through Medizone's process. None of the second group showed any sign of infection.

Dr. Latino, Medizone's president stated; "These preliminary research results indicate the capability of Medizone's patented scientific and technological process to inactivate blood and blood products of certain viral contaminants, including the AIDS virus."

1993 June Ozone hero dies under pressure. John Burdick, one of the first AIDS patients to be turned PCR negative by ozone died in Phoenix, Arizona hospital due to overwhelming negativity he was met with at every turn, including having bank account seized, being arrested for "practicing medicine without a license" while having a sidewalk conversation, and being stopped by different state police for long "routine inspections" 8 times while on a cross country trip.

1993 June 16, Statisticians from the Federal Center For Disease Control announce that in 1990 AIDS was the leading killer of men in the 25-44 year age range in New York, California, Florida, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

It is the leading killer for these men in 64 cities as well. For women the same is true in nine cities. NIH's Dr. Sten Vermund wrote: "Adolescent and young adult HIV transmission guarantees the continuation of the epidemic." These numbers are from back in 1990. Epidemiologist Susan Chu, a contributing author, says the numbers have "likely risen" since then.

1993 June 16 A 6 year old girl, depressed because her mother is dying from AIDS, deliberately stood in front of a fast moving freight train in Dania, FL. - Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. Jacqueline "Jackie" Johnson had talked about wanting to be with her mommy in heaven.

1993 July Mr. Larry Hannigan, Australian TV producer who filmed the master footage of Ed McCabe's Australian video has his house, office, and studio/tape library burnt to the ground. Everything was completely destroyed. Demolished are the master tapes of Ed's oxygen tour and those of many other humanitarian free thinking speakers collected over many years at a cost of many thousands of dollars.

1993 July 4, President Clinton's new AIDS Czar Kristine Gebbie is appointed. Every 15 seconds someone becomes infected with HIV. 75% of the people with HIV are heterosexual.

1993 July 14 10:45 AM FDA and Police attack Ken Theifault's home by firing a shot and having SWAT types busting through all the doors and windows of his house in Jupiter Florida to seize two water purification ozone machines. He is charged with dealing in "contraband" - the ozone machines.

1993 Aug Inventor Basil Wainwright still languishing in prison for three years without a trial is under medical care for high blood pressure. Someone enters prison computer and doubles his blood pressure medication, giving him twice the possibly lethal dose. Mr. Wainwright discovers this subtle attempt on his life just in time to head it off.

1993 Aug 13 Dr. Robert Atkins of NYC - Headline Marin, CA Independent Journal"Famed diet doctor loses over use of ozone therapy" "Atkins' medical license was suspended yesterday for allegedly telling a cancer patient to continue unconventional ozone therapy" "Atkins, author of two best selling diet books and advocate of ozone gas therapy, is 'an imminent danger to the health' of New Yorkers, state Health Commissioner Mark Chassin said.

1993 Aug 18 Dr. Robert Atkins of NYC - Headline Ft Lauderdale Sun Sentinel "Atkins gets license back." Supreme Court Justice Edward Greenfield ruled the state's order "is arbitrary and capricious, is so disproportionate to the offense alleged, in light of all circumstances, that it is shocking to a sense of fairness and justice."

1993 Aug 24th In an early morning raid, the FDA descends upon the B. Boyce clinic in Bay St. Louis Mississippi, arresting Dr. James Boyce. They also raid his home after stealing his garbage earlier in the week. Although Dr. Boyce had retired, in a humanitarian act, his wife opened a clinic specializing in oxidative therapies to help people.

1993 Aug-Sept International Ozone Association holds Eleventh Ozone World Congress & Exhibition August 29 to September 3rd, 1993 in San Francisco.
1993 Sept 2, world premier of Canadian 1/2 hour video "Ozone and The Politics of Medicine" at the IOA meeting. Video subsequently shown in LA, New York, Salt Lake and other health shows.

1993 Sept 8th, Medizone Int'l NYC announces co-project with Italian Ministry of Health and the Italian Scientific Society for Oxygen-Ozone Therapy to treat AIDS and Hepatitis-B patients with Medizone's thin film delivery technology. Patients will undergo a one hour treatment on alternate days, during a twelve week trial.
1993 Sept Basil Wainwright let out of Federal jail immediately arrested on courthouse steps by state of Florida. Appeals continue.

1993 Sept. Tootle-Vision, an outlaw type lone UHF station in the outback deserts of Los Vegas starts airing Ed McCabe's Brisbane Australia 2 1/2 hour video over and over, day after day, trying to reach people about ozone.

1993 Sept 9 & 10 Ed McCabe is interviewed on New York's WOR with Dr. Atkins and discuss what the ozone community started referring to as the "Schumer Smear." Dr. Atkins suggests his listeners call Rep. Schumer's Brooklyn office and tell him what they think about Rep. Schumer's ignoring the documentation Ed McCabe sent his Justice Dept. Subcommittee, and his allowing ozone to be called "quackery" during the hearing.

Calls flood his office, and Dan Cunningham his chief attorney/counsel calls Mr. McCabe and assures him that the Congressman has had no contact with the drug companies, and they just "overlooked" the documentation sent before the hearing.
Mr. McCabe then reminded the counsel that the drug/allopathic medical industry is one of the top contributors to almost every campaign, and suggested the appropriate course of action for the committee now would be to investigate why the FDA was lying to congress when its representative stated that there is no evidence anywhere that ozone has any medical usages. No assurances of the Congressman's office taking this line of inquiry were given.

Comment: Although the Congressman's office apologized, the damage was already done because CNN and NBC aired "Ozone is quackery" footage, but now no one will air on national television that it was all a mistake.

Same with Dr. Atkins. Newspaper readers all across the country saw headlines announcing that he lost his license for using ozone, but almost none of the same papers printed the four day later follow-up that he got it back almost immediately when NY Supreme Court Justice Edward Greenfield ruled the state's pulling his license was "arbitrary and capricious.

This part of the story, if printed at all, was buried in the back pages. So the net public educational input from both stories? "Ozone is quackery" and, "Doctors loosing licenses over ozone."

1993 Oct Anna Ruiz, journalist @ WHBN, a hispanic station in West Palm Beach, started a vigil of programming on the Florida Wainwright ozone political prisoner case. Max Piccardo the station owner immediately received two anonymous phone calls in which he was told, "If you don't drop this issue, you won't be broadcasting from anywhere." He immediately stops doing any stories on the issue.

1993 Oct James Hammang, a brave Chicagoan hung a 30 foot long by 9 foot deep banner from a major Chicago underpass during rush hour calling for the immediate release of Basil Wainwright, one of the ozone political prisoners, and directing people to call the above WHBN radio station in Florida doing a vigil on the case.
Two Chicago TV stations news crews filmed it. State Police order it removed eventually, after letting it hang there for most of the busy traffic time.

1993 Oct. Dr. Jonathan Wright ozone using MD and nationally famed victim of the "FDA guns drawn B vitamin bust". Is again visited by FDA which takes 150+ pictures of his ozone machine and subpoenas it for a Grand jury hearing to prosecute him for using it.

1993 Nov. Ken Theifault, a manufacturer of ozone water purification machines who had his home busted into by armed FDA agents in July is interviewed by Ed McCabe. He states;

1. Ozone is completely grandfathered in Florida since ozone's use in the 1800's pre-dates the FDA's existence.

2. You can't discriminate and charge only one manufacturer, and the Thomas Register is full of ozone machine manufacturers.

3. The FDA is operating way outside its scope of authority and the original statutes give it no such powers of search & seizure. He is planning on suing the FDA agents accordingly.

FDA Special Agent Kent E. Walker Miami office "Agent in Charge" and Kerin Eberie Special Agent sent letters to some who purchased the Theifault machines stating (there is no proof of their claims) ozone is a "fraudulent" treatment and that people "have died" using the machines, and asking if this is the case, the next of kin should turn in all letters and correspondence associated with the sale of the machines. Most contacted stated they were of the caustic opinion that the FDA can "kiss their ...", and were only concerned that the FDA might come for their machines and take them.

Q. 3 "We've heard of Drs. Alwa, Atkins, Boyce, Wright, Turska, and inventor Basil Wainright being bothered by the authorities. What's going on?"

The FDA has recently been supplemented by the addition of funding for several hundred new agents, and instead of going after the drug manufactures who are responsible for the hundreds of thousands of deaths every year according to the government, they have been told to go "get" the competition, the users of "alternatives."

Dr. Atkins has voluntarily given up his successful use of ozone while he litigates. Dr. Rathna Alwa, Milwalkee Wisconsin, is about to lose her license for using ozone. Dr. Boyce was sent to Mississippi state prison for 5 years on trumped up charges because of the use of ozone. Dr. Wright has had his ozone machine subpoenaed before the Grand Jury. Dr. Turska was attacked by the FDA but WON because as a Naturopath, he did not come under their jurisdiction! Basil Wainwright hopes to win his release mid November.

They will continue their rampage of stifling competitive research as long as you let them get away with it.

Q. 4 "What are the new publications from you?"

My brand new 40+ page Nov 93 report "Ozone vs. AIDS" which is the complete chronology of the ongoing battle between the enemies of ozone and the heroes standing up against them. On just a single video the new Russian video I spoke of above is packaged with a California TV show I did with a healed ozone using AIDS patient. Call The Family News for price.

Q. 5 "What can someone with a serious disease like AIDS or cancer expect to go through when he/she gets treated with ozone?

According to every interview I've done, in a word, lots of detoxification. Most doctors use combinations of natural foods, colonics, daily ozone infusions, hydrogen peroxide baths or ozone bagging, rectal ozone insufflation, peroxide drips, hyperbaric therapy, possibly chelation or Rife type treatments, and other therapies designed to boost the immune system.

The treatments are usually 4 to six hours a day, daily for 6 to 8 weeks. During such a heavy course, the body throws off all accumulated toxins and unnatural substances. This flushing is sometimes uncomfortable for a few days, and is accompanied perhaps with short duration fever, swelling, nausea, diarrhea, etc. Regular use of colonics can remove most if not all of the adverse reactions.

Since ozone eliminates all dead, feeble, weak, diseased, and dying cells, often the T counts of AIDS patients will drop as the infected T and other cells die off and are replaced by healthy ones. The replacement may take a while, and since ozone changes the interferon levels, it signals the body that it doesn't need T cells, so patients have to wait a couple months after stopping ozone sometimes to see the T cell levels rise back up.

Cancer patients have the same detoxifications. Remember, these therapies have the side benefit of going back and cleaning out all of the waste from the body, all the stuff you stuffed into you since childhood. In this waste is where the diseases hide. So, the patient must be prepared to stick with it.

Dear Friends

I received your products, 1 bottle of each Oxy Max & Oxy Dan. However, on Friday I had a Live Blood Cell Analysis using a dark field microscope. My blood showed great blood cell damage as viewed by the irregular shapes of the cells. As a result my doctor does NOT want me to try ANY oxidative type of medications. I have used these in the past & could be the cause of the damaged cells.

Thank you for your help. We hope to be able to order from you again in the future.

Dorothy I.
Mayer, MN

All oxidative modalities stimulate the immune systems production of catalase - a free radical scavenging enzyme and provide needed oxygen for healthy cellular metabolism. A number of the companies that use dark field microscopes to market their products have stabilized oxygen in their formulas for that very reason. Perhaps your operator was unfamiliar with the true properties and benefits of oxygen.

Please THINK FOR YOURSELF. Detoxification takes time. Oxygen Therapies, as I have said over and over in my lectures, books tapes and videos, attack and remove by oxidation ALL weak, feeble, imperfect, diseased and dying cells. The ones that are the actual health problem or causing it, and should not be there in the first place. This is called DETOXIFICATION, a process that takes weeks, or months.

The progress is easily viewed under a microscope. What was seen as damage was waste being moved out. I watched this under a microscope in my own blood the first week I got ozone shots. It proves the oxygenation method you took was working just like we say they do. If you never clean out... Well, just look at our country's health statistics to see your future - in a hospital bed, with tubes running into you, until they send you home to die because your body is so burnt out from all the drugs.

Oxygen cleansing processes, when done correctly, are at best unnoticeable or mildly uncomfortable if unpleasant at all, and result in clean cells functioning perfectly, long beautiful life, clear vibrant eyes and skin, and lots of energy, according to every interview I have ever done and my friends who use them.

Talk to doctors who have more knowledge. Any doctor skilled in the oxidative modalities would have known properly monitored detoxification is not damage, and will end eventually with a whole new you and sparkling clean blood.

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