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What Is Chiropractic Really Good For?
As with all doctors, "there are chiropractors and then there are chiropractors.

As with all doctors, "there are chiropractors and then there are chiropractors." In this article, I want to inform you about what a chiropractor can do for you and how to pick the kind of chiropractor you need for your particular problems.

First of all, Chiropractors can be helpful for all types of people - men, women (especially women), children, and infants. That's right, even infants. In the case of a well-trained chiropractor treating an infant in need of chiropractic care, miracles are the norm.

For the most part, people think of chiropractors when they are in pain - especially musculoskeletal pain. All chiropractors are trained in helping to remove pain caused by abnormal structural alignment. This includes the spine, skull, most joints, and even some muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Musculoskeletal pain caused by structural misalignment is the chiropractic specialty. The term chiropractors use for structural misalignment is "SUBLUXATION".
If you are having pain caused by subluxation, no pill, potion, lotion, massage, surgery, or any other kind of treatment can be expected to remove the pain. This is why a chiropractor is indispensable and chiropractic is now the second largest health care profession in the world.


Pain caused by misaligned bones or structural misalignments usually causes pain immediately in the joint area. Most commonly this is in the back and neck. But pain caused by subluxation can also radiate or even show up in the most unusual areas.


For example, headaches can come from neck subluxation. And structural misalignment can cause pain throughout the body, including deep in the viscera (organ areas).

Some of the more unusual areas of pain caused by subluxation are the crushing chest pains often mistaken for angina; leg, arm, foot, and hand pains; abdominal pains often mistaken for appendicitis; menstrual cramps; eye pains; shoulder and knee pains; and more.

Thus, it is a good idea to consult a chiropractor if you have pains for which no one can find a cause. Or better yet, many people think it wise to consult a chiropractor FIRST. In that way, they can eliminate subluxation as the cause of their pain; thereby likely avoiding all types of potentially dangerous medical interventions.

ChiroThere are as many techniques to correct structural misalignments as there are chiropractors. Often it seems that any type of adjustment (correction) made by the chiropractor seems to work.

When you suffer a structural insult (misalignment, or subluxation), you usually have a bone that has been injured and forced from its normal position "A" to an abnormal position "B".

But the chiropractor rarely makes an adjustment that moves any bone back from B to A. The exception to this is with a frank dislocation. In that case, the chiropractor actually instantly repositions the bone and joint.

In the more typical case, a chiropractor makes an adjustment that "begins the movement of bones and joints." Put another way, your body uses the force of the adjustment to help correct itself. That explains why, in so many cases, so many kinds of adjustments will correct the same kinds of problems.

Every once in a while you can work a bone or joint into a particular situation requiring a very exact and specific adjustment. In such a case, you can have repeated failures with Chiropractic treatments.

Finally, you usually find the one chiropractor who practices a specific type of technique, or one who is able to really "zero in" on your specific problem. In these cases, obviously no adjustment will work except for the right one.


As mentioned, there are all types of chiropractors and chiropractic techniques. The following will help you make decisions and find a good chiropractor.


If you are in severe pain, there are chiropractors who practice "nonforce" techniques. While most chiropractic treatments are painless, these will absolutely not hurt you when you are in severe pain.

Some common non-force types that are extremely effective are S.O.T., C.R.A., and Applied Kinesiology. These techniques are very effective and seem almost miraculous with acute back problems and sports injuries.


If you have organ problems, you would be wise to consult a chiropractor who understands and practices KINESIOLOGY These doctors can help determine the root cause of your problem.

They are also extremely helpful in cases of hiatal hernia, diverticulosis, and extremity problems. Many times, other chiropractors will refer stubborn cases to a kinesiologist. In my Boca Raton, Florida, clinic, Dr. Steven Siegel and I have practiced this for almost 20 years.


While all chiropractors should address the nutritional status of their patients, not all do. If you need nutritional advice, you will need to find a chiropractor who practices CLINICAL NUTRITION.

In all these cases, it is NOT "out of line" or improper to call a chiropractor's office and ask questions. Most of the time, you can find out who is good by asking many friends and neighbors for a referral.

Remember: If you have specific problems, be sure to call the chiropractor's office and ASK QUESTIONS before deciding if he or she is likely to be an appropriate match for your needs.


As with all professions, there are some "bad apples". In the case of chiropractors, even the worst are probably not able to hurt you. This is obviously not the case with physicians and surgeons, where your life is on the line.

When trying to discern a bad apple, look for what has become known as OVER-UTILIZATION. This is the practice of "over-treating" all patients, regardless of their specific problems.


The first signs of over-utilization may come in the x-ray room. There is little doubt that a picture is worth a thousand words. But that does not mean that picture-taking is always necessary.

Two or four views (x-rays) of a problem area are usually adequate. And even x-rays of an area that seems unaffected are not unusual and may be warranted. But BE LEERY of a doctor who wants to take 10, 15, 20, or more x-rays. And beware the doctor who wants to x-ray you again every couple of weeks.

We are finding out the hard way (from experience) that radiation is much more hazardous than we previously thought. It is best to keep medical radiation to a minimum.
ChiroThere are as many techniques to correct structural misalignments as there are chiropractors
By Bruce Eric Hedendal D.C., Ph.D., F.I.C.S.

As a wholistic chiropractor in Boca Raton, Florida, Dr. Hedendal has 20 years of indisputable evidence that a good chiropractor is an indispensable part of your good health.
In fact, I have been known to state emphatically a dozen times a year or more that I simply do not know how people can live without a good chiropractor.

Be wary the doctor who tells you on the first visit that you will need to see him or her daily for six months. While there are cases that require extensive care, and even those that require extensive care, and even those that require lifetime care, the routine of "signing everyone up" for many, many treatments is both unethical and unnecessary.

Generally, you should be able to ask your doctor how long he or she thinks it will take before you feel better. Good doctors will usually plan to re-evaluate your situation if things do not go as anticipated.

You need to feel comfortable with any doctor. If you can freely discuss where you are headed with treatment, you will feel good about his or her care.

You will also be more readily able to help the doctor help you. And most importantly, you probably will be dealing with a person of integrity and ethics. Chiropractic is to the spine what dentistry is to the teeth. Since you can't get caps or bridges on your spine and discs you should take care of them before it's too late.
Be wary the doctor who tells you on the first visit that you will need to see him or her daily for six months.

A large percentage of newborns are in need of chiropractic care without their parents ever knowing it.

While the naturally flexible skeleton of a newborn can withstand the rigors of childbirth under normal conditions, it often cannot withstand the impact of forceps, intense and prolonged labor, or abnormal positioning prior to delivery. Even cesaerian born children can suffer intrauterine stress to their spine and cranium


The first sign of an infant in trouble is constant crying. And despite a diagnosis by your pediatrician of COLIC, many of these infants are CRYING IN PAIN.
When dietary changes and standard methods do not provide relief from constant cyring, it is probably time to see a chiropractor. And indeed, for these infants chiropractic care can be a miracle.


Not all chiropractors are skilled in the care of the newborn.
In fact, many chiropractors will not accept infants as patients. However, there are chiropractic specialists (chiropractic pediatricians, if you will) who have been specially trained and are expert in the care of the newborn.

These chiropractors practice a "NON-FORCE" type of chiropractic, are usually skilled in KINESIOLOGY, and have an understanding of CRANIAL (skull and head) care. I am certified in two cranial therapy systems and have seen "miracles" after these treatments. For an infant in pain, diagnosed sa having "colic", it is not unusual for an hour or two to be the maximum sleep period between crying spells.

This can go on for months, and in some cases a year or more. In many cases, these infants find IMMEDIATE restful sleep for periods of up to 20 hours following one chiropractic adjustment.


Whether infants can feel or tolerate pain remains a mystery to most scientists. However, after seeing hundreds of infants develop normal sleep patterns without crying spells following chiropractic treatment, this author suggests that infants are frequently in pain.

And unlike chronic pain that has had decades to settle in, the so-called "pinched nerve, twisted spine or compressed cranial bones" of the infant are relatively fresh and new. That accounts for the almost routinely MIRACULOUS RESULTS following proper chiropractic care.


ChiroIn an amazing study performed by chiropractors and medical doctors, 316 infants suffering from "colic" were selected and treated with spinal manipulation. And although the study was uncontrolled (no control group), there were distinct and specific guidelines and criteria.

The median age of the infants was 5.7 weeks at the beginning of treatment. The results were kept in a diary by the mother and in an assessment file kept by interviews with the mother. The study was carried out over three months involving 73 chiropractors in 50 clinics.


All the results occurred and were recorded WITHIN TWO WEEKS and after an average of THREE TREATMENTS. The results? According to the well-defined criteria, of all the infants, 94% showed satisfactory results with spinal manipulation.

This is some powerful data in anyone's book, but if you have an extremely fussy baby at home screaming from "colic", it may be even more important to you! If this is the case in your family, try a doctor of chiropractic (DC) who specializes in the care of pregnant women and infants. You may call my clinic, (407) 391-4600 for more information or if you want to know of a qualified doctor of chiropractic in your area.
 Dr. Hedendal is an honors graduate from Harvard College and was an All-American in track
Dr. Hedendal is an honors graduate from Harvard College and was an All-American in track. As a practicing wholistic chiropractic physician with a Ph.D. in Nurition, Dr. Hedendal has utilized many drugless methods for more than 20 years including Herbology, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Clinical Nutrition, and Clinical Ecology.

An internationally recognized author, lecturer, and health researcher, Dr. Hedendal is the host of Florida's longest running and popular health talk radio show, "HEALTH HOTLINE", heard in South Florida Saturdays 8:05 AM on WSBR AM 740, and host of the nationally syndicated program "Dr. Hedendal Live", heard nationally Sundays 10:05 PM.
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